Real Estate Photography in Richmond, VA

Entice more buyers to take a look at your properties for sale using professionally taken photos and videos. You can count on our team at Tour VA Homes to provide you with these materials to capture the clients’ attention.


Enhanced Slide Show Tour Package

For our enhanced package we use a combination of ambient lighting and off camera strobes to create a very elegant look for your listings. Images are professionally edited by our editing team. To view a gallery of Enhanced images please click on the link:

  • Homes under 1,000 sq ft - $155
  • Homes 3,000 Sq Ft - 4,000 Sq Ft - $200
  • Over 5,000 sq ft - Please Call for a quote
  • Homes under 3,000 sq ft - $185
  • Homes 4,000 Sq Ft - 5,000. Sq Ft - $255

Cinematic Walk-Through Video

An accessible walk-through of the property could help you in attracting buyers who did not make it to the open house or missed the physical walk-through. Our team will make sure to provide you with quality material that will showcase the selling features of your home.

Add a professional stabilized walk through video to your listing photos, an excellent way to showcase your property with other valuable media!

  • Walk Through Video - includes interior and exterior video - $150
  • Agent Featured Walk Through Video - $250

We can also have an agent narrate your walk-through video to guide the clients who are watching it. It will only cost you an additional $100.

Matterport 3-D Tour

Place an interactive add-on on your social media platforms to capture more attention for the house you are selling. We can provide you with branded and unbranded links as well as a long introductory video clip to your 3-D tour.


  • First 2,000 Sq. Ft. - $225
  • Each Additional 1,000 Sq. Ft. - $35

iGuide 3D Tour and Floorplan

iGUIDE 3D tours include accurate floor plans, 360°images, room dimensions, photos. Pricing is calculated by square footage x 0.070 to determine price.

Click on this link to see an example 3D Tour

Social Media Optional Add Ons

  • Agent on Camera Video Reel (no speaking just visible throughout the reel showing the home)under 2 minutes - $125
  • Vertical Slide Show Reel 1 minute Vertical Slide Show- up to 30 images selected - $75
  • Video Reel (standard no agent in video) 1 minute - $85

Aerial Photography

We can provide you with aerial photos and videos of your property with the help of Aerial Perspectives of Virginia. Aerial Perspectives of Virginia holds a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airman’s Certificate as a certified Drone Pilot.


  • Aerial Stills $115
  • Aerial Stills and Video $130

Staging Services

Tour VA Homes LLC works with several top staging companies in the Richmond VA market, please contact us for a list of referrals!

Twilight Photos

  • True Twilight Photos - photographed at dusk- $175
  • Day to Dusk Twilight Photo Conversion - $35